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When we watch athletes craft mind and body toward an ultimate goal, we call them gods. Or overpaid garbage. Here's some writing on what athletes and their respective sports mean to people.

Stop Trying To Beat The Warriors

There are four games left in the NBA regular season. If the Lakers beating the Warriors wasn't stunning enough a month ago, the Timberwolves...
Nate Robinson Jake Paul StockX

The Impact of Celebrity Fights on the Combat Sports Industry

ATC is happy to host a knowledgable take on big-money celebrity fights written by Robert, founder of Way of Martial Arts. This...
Trae Young Knicks Overrated

The Knicks Do Not Deserve This Much Attention

Behind The Mythos, Mediocrity | But It's New York | Knicks Owners Are Historically Wack New York Knicks fans...
Trae Young Shooting 3

For Trae Young, Efficiency Is Optional

Making 5 of 23 shots on 38 percent true shooting (TS%) is a performance that appears to have no place among the...
Sunisa Lee Hmong American

What Sunisa Lee Did For Hmong Americans, a Nation Within a Nation

I was never an avid follower of the Olympics. I tuned into the Games when they made their way around and sometimes...