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America’s 18-Year-Old Adults and 24-Year-Old Children

Get a degree, rent a car, and stop seeing a pediatrician. Only halfway through your 20s are you actually an adult, says...

Why “Fuck Unvaccinated People” Isn’t the Take You Think it is

A pandemic of personal choice isn't a pandemic you can overcome. The last two-and-a-half years have been full of...

Middle Class Americans Must Know $100,000 A Year Is Not Rich

"Broke Bobby" Isn't Broke. He Likely Isn't Balling Either "Broke Bobby" is a symbol of detached wealth when he...


NIKI, Rich Brian, and the Chinese-Indonesian’s American Dream

When the video for “Oceans & Engines,” the second single from NIKI’s sophomore full-length, Nicole, came out, I sat (laid, really) down...

Yeat, Satan, and How To Be An Ambitious Perc Addict

Couldn't decide the perc or the X ... I took em both- Yeat in "Let ya know" (2021) Percocets...

Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Is A Funky Aural Backdrop At Best

I actually had rather high hopes for Beyoncé’s new album. Lead single “Break My Soul,” in all of its relentless, Big Freedia...


Steph Curry in Dungeons and Dragons Alignment Chart

Stephen Curry’s Chaotic Goodness

Active players with similar alignment: Draymond Green, Jose Alvarado Former players with similar alignment: Steve Nash, Pete Maravich
Sunisa Lee Hmong American

What Sunisa Lee Did For Hmong Americans, a Nation Within a Nation

I was never an avid follower of the Olympics. I tuned into the Games when they made their way around and sometimes...
Trae Young Shooting 3

For Trae Young, Efficiency Is Optional

Making 5 of 23 shots on 38 percent true shooting (TS%) is a performance that appears to have no place among the...