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Let’s chat about the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine

As always, we're geeked to have Raymond write another piece for us. But this time around, he's not just a cultured, bright...

Ay Bernie Lemme Tell You Something

*Jogs across tabs from your livestream announcement to my WordPress dashboard* *Short, exasperated sigh* I know...

The influence of K-pop in fashion

Very excited to host this piece on K-pop's global fashion influence written by Colombian blogger and college student Guillermo Forero. This piece was originally...


FNF Chop on “Walk Down” Success and the Injustice of Parole

How many times have you read this story? Up-and-coming rapper with some momentum in his career violates...

How Tylerissoepic’s Cover Art Shapes SoundCloud Rap’s Colorful Chaos

Like its sound, SoundCloud rap's brand of visuals is largely designed by daring teenagers. The future of music belongs to kids who...

Hyun Jin-young and Black America’s Stake in K-pop

Once upon a time (the 1980s), A man from a faraway place came to America—no, not Prince Akeem, goofy—to study engineering....


Giannis Antetokounmpo Nigerian Basketball

Savior or Slave: How Giannis Antetokounmpo Can Become the Giant of Africa

by Jorden Hales This piece was originally published by Plugged, a partner of ATC, on their blog Views From The...
Maya Moore WNBA player activist

WNBA Players Still Shining as Leading Social Justice Activists

The WNBA has been on the frontlines regarding social justice for the longest time, yet they are still in the shadows of male athletes who attract much of the attention when it comes to their show of activism.
Draymond-Shaq defense debate

The Draymond-Shaq Debate Is Dumb, You Should Know Better

Draymond Green is not a "Best Defender Of All-Time" candidate because he's the best 1-on-1 defender ever. He switches on pick-and-rolls quickly and with intelligence. He...

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