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No More Reboots in a Revolution: Where Is America’s Imagination?

There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9, New International Version of the Holy Bible That saying,...

Let’s chat about the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine

As always, we're geeked to have Raymond write another piece for us. But this time around, he's not just a cultured, bright...

Ay Bernie Lemme Tell You Something

*Jogs across tabs from your livestream announcement to my WordPress dashboard* *Short, exasperated sigh* I know...


Bfb Da Packman Proves Stars Are All Around Us

When a rapper so outlandish and energetic makes Sada Baby look calm on a track, it's clear the artist has star potential....

Josh Gibson: The Epic, Painful Answer To “What If Babe Ruth...

The resurfacing of a century-old suspicion that legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven had immediate African ancestry was one of Twitter's 2020 highlights....

How Self-Aware Is ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’?

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes stroll through a Baltimore hood on the way to visit Isaiah Bradley, soon revealed as an American...


Nate Robinson Jake Paul StockX

The Impact of Celebrity Fights on the Combat Sports Industry

ATC is happy to host a knowledgable take on big-money celebrity fights written by Robert, founder of Way of Martial Arts. This...
Giannis Antetokounmpo Nigerian Basketball

Savior or Slave: How Giannis Antetokounmpo Can Become the Giant of Africa

by Jorden Hales This piece was originally published by Plugged, a partner of ATC, on their blog Views From The...
Maya Moore WNBA player activist

WNBA Players Still Shining as Leading Social Justice Activists

The WNBA has been on the frontlines regarding social justice for the longest time, yet they are still in the shadows of male athletes who attract much of the attention when it comes to their show of activism.

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