Legalized Sports Betting Will Take The U.S.A. By Storm (Infographic)


Josh Wardini over at NJ Games decided to let me share one of his team’s infographics instead of posting it himself this time. Trust me, this is some seriously fascinating shit even for non-sports fans.

The infographic below gives us a 26-year chronology of the legal battle over sports betting in the United States leading up to the U.S. Supreme Court’s monumental May 2018 ruling: that states are free to decide whether sports betting is legal or not.

The infographic then details all the states that have and have not made sports betting legal. Lastly, it hits you with the juicy inside scoop on how sports betting will impact the United States’ GDP, tax revenue, major sports leagues, job creation, and blockchain tech. Yes, even the world of┬áblockchain will feel the effects of this decision.

Take a look below to find out how you and/or your friends/boyfriend/dad/city’s economy will be impacted by the arrival of legalized sports betting the United States of America.


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