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No More Reboots in a Revolution: Where Is America’s Imagination?

There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9, New International Version of the Holy Bible That saying,...

Let’s chat about the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine

As always, we're geeked to have Raymond write another piece for us. But this time around, he's not just a cultured, bright...

Ay Bernie Lemme Tell You Something

*Jogs across tabs from your livestream announcement to my WordPress dashboard* *Short, exasperated sigh* I know...


“Blaccent” Was Stolen Long Before Awkwafina

Mainstream America takes Black American culture and does what it wants with it. Whether through music or film, the mainstream mimics Black...

Lil Nas X Is Living Out My Teenage Dreams And I’m...

“Virtually every writer I know would rather be a musician.”- Kurt Vonnegut I grew up in the 2000s, an...

We Couldn’t Get a Keny Grey Exclusive. He’s Too Accessible

“I didn’t think about the entire narrative, that kinda builds on its own in a way.” (kenygrey/TikTok)


Trae Young Shooting 3

For Trae Young, Efficiency Is Optional

Making 5 of 23 shots on 38 percent true shooting (TS%) is a performance that appears to have no place among the...
Trae Young Knicks Overrated

The Knicks Do Not Deserve This Much Attention

Behind The Mythos, Mediocrity | But It's New York | Knicks Owners Are Historically Wack New York Knicks fans...
Nate Robinson Jake Paul StockX

The Impact of Celebrity Fights on the Combat Sports Industry

ATC is happy to host a knowledgable take on big-money celebrity fights written by Robert, founder of Way of Martial Arts. This...

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