How Blockchain Makes The Mobile World Safer (Infographic)

Blockchain Illustration Simple
(Simply Explained - Savjee/YouTube)

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I don’t fully get blockchain technology. Most of you reading this may have only heard of it in passing, and some of you may have never heard of it at all. But any time you download a new app, purchase, vote, or interact with ads in an app, blockchain is to thank for the seamless and secure behind-the-scenes activities.

From the same folks at White Ranking Technologies who brought ATC a well-researched guide on Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra comes an infographic from on a technological advancement that is everywhere but barely understood.

Without further ado, ACMarket’s “Blockchain in the Mobile Application Market.”

Blockchain Mobile Apps Infographic

For more in-depth and related reading on the topic of blockchain:

In five years, you might get laughed at for making a purchase that took you to another window to open up PayPal. Peasant! *walks away with nose in air*.

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