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The FADER’s Amber Rose Story Is Convincing

“@DaRealAmberRose is dismantling gender norms and cannot be silenced,” tweeted The FADER on July 10th, 2016.

“Oh, word? Goin’ global with the bald-stripper-turned-celeb-ex-wife-with-kid-and-reality-tv-show movement? Aight,” said I in my head tonight.

About a week ago, The FADER published an interview with Amber Rose covering topics such as her new show, The Amber Rose Show, and gender norms.

I’ve always been a skeptic of Amber Rose. It’s easy to dislike someone who rose to fame for being associated with someone famous for their craft. You tell yourself they’re cunning leeches that don’t deserve the attention, but you give it to them when they decide to use their platform for anything. And you despise it. Kim Kardashian could donate millions to research on a cancer that affects her family, and people would still find a way to make a Ray J-related joke about it.

“You should be grateful a nigga like me ever noticed you. Now you noticeable like can’t nobody get control of you.” After hearing ‘Blame Game’, I sympathized with Kanye for quite sometime. Perhaps I can do that without scoffing at Amber Rose for living her life.

Celebrity, the phenomenon, is strange. But as much as we like to vilify those who seem to receive attention for no reason, many use the attention for relative good.

The FADER’s interview with Amber reframed things I already knew about her in a much more positive light.

Without Amber Rose herself telling me I’m a hatin ass nigga, her thorough, genuine responses to questions, and humility regarding the beginning of her career as a tv personality left me no reason to hold a grudge against someone I have never met.

The interview is a good one, and the impression is a lasting one. A fine lesson in holding back judgement in a time where we can judge so freely without any context or knowledge of a situation or a person’s story.

Take a look at the interview (transcribed, link in the third paragraph) and share your thoughts!



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