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Zander Tsadwa - Facing a Bottle of Henny

Robotic rich kids, petty professors, domestic terrorism, and subtle notes of weed and racism. This isn't your typical shot of cognac.

A sharp, laugh-out-loud memoir by Zander Tsadwa which follows a young Black kid searching for himself and happiness at a private Catholic university.

Purchase Facing a Bottle of Henny in paperback or ebook form now!

Tri Vo - History Museum Fellows Program Interviews

As a 2018 History Museum Fellow at the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS), Tri was a part of a cohort learning and working to decolonize museums. As part of the fellowship, Tri interviewed his colleagues in this 6-part series to give us the highlights of being in the program.

Explore the interview series on YouTube above or here!

The HabeshAmericans - 13 Months of Sunshine (the album)

The debut project of Zander Tsadwa (Zander) and Abeye Cherinet (Ahbee C) as The HabeshAmericans. A soundtrack of self-determination, growth, and sunny optimism to make any day feel like summer.

Listen on Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube. Cop on iTunes if you want the next item free...

Zander Tsadwa (with Abeye Cherinet) - 13 Months of Sunshine (the book)Taking the 13MOS album's themes further, the book discusses emerging adulthood, learning from failure, and optimism through sociology, pop culture, and personal anecdotes from the authors. A quick and eye-opening read about becoming your best self—and prolly the first book to be released with a hip-hop album.

Includes lyric annotations for the album!

Cop the paperback version here, OR buy the 13MOS album (Google Play, Amazon, or iTunes) and get the book FREE after sending proof of purchase to habeshamericans@gmail.com.

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