Threelly Will Have You Creating (And Finding) Video Clips With Ease


Video is the present and future of social media content. Whether you’re trying to steal the show with an absurd tweet or create an engaging explanation post on LinkedIn, concise sentences and high-res pics just aren’t enough anymore. In my own quest for clout on behalf of ATC, I recently started a search for video-clip making apps/softwares to upgrade my social media game. Unsurprisingly, ATC’s most popular tweet to date is a video clip. In it, Lil Yachty spits part of a verse from a song he claims to have recorded with Swizz Beats:

That tweet has more replies, likes, RTs, impressions, and longevity (ATC received a like and RT for this tweet a month after it was posted) than any other ATC tweet ever. Creating the clip wasn’t too difficult: I took the video’s YouTube URL, pasted it in the Tube2Gram web application, selected the clip I wanted to pull from the video, published it, and downloaded it. I could then post the video on all popular social media platforms as an attachment to a post/tweet.

From start to finish, I had to open 2 tabs and go through 4 webpages before getting a usable video clip. The process wasn’t a headache, but I wanted something even more streamlined. Something that didn’t require me to leave the source of inspiration just to capture it.

And then there was Threelly…

Threelly SmartView is a Chrome extension that allows you to create video clips of YouTube videos while watching the video. That trait alone sold me on Threelly, but there’s even more that sets it apart from various alternative apps.

Along with being unthinkably accessible, Threelly interacts with you as you create what the app calls a “slice” to your liking. Lively feedback on the length of your slice selection pops up under the scrub (time) bar, as well the option of titling your slice to help you organize your library. Yes, Threelly stores your video clips for you.

Better yet, there’s an entire community of Threelly users that contribute to an extensive library of video clips in dozens of different categories.

Moving in and out of Threelly’s in-video clip-making and the larger Threelly community is simply a matter of opening a different tab. Sharing slices from the Threelly community library is as easy as it is to create and share your own Threelly slices.

I was fortunate enough to chat with Minneapolis-based Threelly founder Fru Nde about the significance of Threelly’s superior clip-making capacity. In Nde’s mind, “Precision is the new currency of the digital age.” Nde preaches being, “selective and laser-focused on what is important,” as the only way to keep up in today’s flow of information. Undoubtedly, Threelly makes keeping up much easier.

As a content creator and marketer, I’m excited to see what Fru and his team do to push Threelly forward. I would love to see Threelly videos become more compatible outside of its amazing in-house video platform, including the ability to embed its crisp, easy-to-make slices into articles like this. Having just launched, I think Threelly is already special and has plenty of room to become even more of a standout. Perhaps a follow-up review is on the horizon…

My fellow Google Chrome users can download Threelly here and watch it go to work! If there are other culturally-impactful innovations, tech or not, you’d like to see featured on ATC—including your own—please email me at with a pitch. You are the culture, we just want to capture as much of it as we can.

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